if cap3 isn’t called “captain america and falcon: we’re up all night to get bucky”, i’m not watching it

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Daily #492! Some days may even be a bit of both.

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i love dogs they arent racist or anything bad they are just full of love

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so i was explaining agglutination in finnish to some friends using this word as an example

and i just had that periodical realisation of how fucking weird finnish (and other similar languages) must be to non-speakers

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Onneaaaa!!! :) vähän kivaa varmaa oikeesti!

aaaaa kiiitooss! :) joo uskoisin, oon menossa sinne kesäleirille ohjaajaks :) “vähän” kyllä jänskättää mutta wooo :D

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every day is a day closer to eurovision 2014

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yolock said: awesomeeeeeeeeee! c:

yes it is!! i still can’t believe this aaa:D

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ooh so happy for you, congrats! ; U ;

aa thank youu! n___n i just hope everything goes well (for example that i get my visa in time etc) but still wOW

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i can’t believe this but YES i’m going to spend my next summer in neW MEXICO AAA

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Legendary Wolf.

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Heeeey!! GOOD LUCK! I know you will kill it (;

Aa thank you!! :D I really hope so haha!:D

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